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Social media kills flirtationships

Okay, so this is where I’m at in life. I recently wrote a rant about this guy I met in Boston when I was out with my girlfriends for a birthday celebration and we’ve been texting almost everyday since. I don’t follow him on twitter or instagram (yes I’ve creeped to see if I could find them, and didn’t succeed) and I’ve found his Facebook but I’m too scared to add him,don’t ask I just am. This means I only know what he’s doing when he texts me after work and whatever else he does to tell me. Interesting concept.

Well it just crossed my mind… do you guys agree that having a flirtationship with someone is much more successful when you don’t follow each other on social media and know what the other person is doing 24/7 and who they’re doing it with? I think so now that I’ve though about it. I mean almost every guy I’ve talked to (god I hate saying that) has picked fights with me over something having to do with social media, or I spend the whole time I’m involved with them being jealous over some “I Like Babes Daily” retweet. Seriously, no one even looks like those girls in real life. And even when I’m not involved with someone, and I just have some feelings for them… seeing an Instagram post with him and some other girl really sucks, even if we only did have math class together freshman year first semester and he has no idea who I am, it’s still sad, right? No one wants a fight over who you’re out at a party with from a guy that won’t even put a title on your relationship so why do we feel the need to follow each other on every single form of social media right off the bat. I mean after the flame dies and you hate each other you’re just going to unfollow each other anyways, so might as well wait a while. In my opinion, and in almost every single person experience in this category it doesn’t ever work because of something someone writes on twitter or facebook. I once had a guy get mad at me because I was at Ihop with a guy friend.. and another one of my girlfriends, so the last thing I would want is a jealous guy stalking me. I also got broken up with (by text message) because of a facebook status when I was in high school, so it’s safe to say I’m bitter about it.

I guess maybe this might just be because I’ve dealt with crazies… but I’m curious to see if other people agree… or if I’m the only one and I need to stop dating crazy people. Lemme know!


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